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Petition of withdrawing the Honorary Outstanding PolyU Alumni title from C.Y Leung

If you have been at the scene of last Sunday`s protest and seen many rounds of pepper sprays and tear gas fired by the police at the largely peaceful non–violent demonstration on the part of the protesters (allegedly on the order of our CE  C.Y. Leung), then you might be disgusted to live with the fact that Mr. C.Y. Leung  was conferred the Honorary Title as one of our distinguished Outstanding PolyU Alumni. Those who are aware of the negative sentiments against Mr. Leung, of the protesting students and the general public will agree with this! Honour should be given to those who have integrity, uphold the important core values of mankind and contribute greatly to humanity. Mr. C.Y. Leung clearly falls short of possessing  these attributes to be worth given the honour !To withdraw the title from him will distant ourselves from such a controversy and embarrassment  as well as make a stance on preserving the integrity of our institution.This petition is intended for collecting responses amongst members of the PolyU communities (past and present staff, students, graduates and Alumni).Your view is very important for this cause!

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