7462 people signed the petition since October 01, 2014

Signatures for Petition of withdrawing the Honorary Outstanding PolyU Alumni title from C.Y Leung

ID First Name Last Name Comments PolyU ID No. Relationship with PolyU
11 Tsz YanKwok Appreantly we do not share the same core value as Mr. Leung does. 10573774D Alumni
12 Man HinFong   12054355D son
13 CheungSau Hang   12054302d Student
14 tsangshui yiu agree to request cy leung to withdraw from the title 11537670g student
15 YvonneWong   13084505D students in PolyU
16 AlfredTang 佢唔佩! 14069645d student
17 RickLo Shame on CY Leung   Alumni
18 Ka WaiChan   13060073d student
19 LeeOi Ying   13059951D Student
20 Kar YuePoon   12106077D Current Student